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Flight, tights and walking the plank

I have officially second-guessed myself into a state of paralysis. I have no idea what I’m doing, what I’m going to do, what I could or should do.

My PotC Magic 8-Skull answers every single question with “Walk the Plank”. I’m hoping it’s broken, because—if not—that sucks.

In other news, totally addicted to Smallville now. When it first came on, we rolled our eyes at yet another Superman series. Then, last year, we landed upon some reruns. Picked up the … Read More »

Miscellaneous stuff

Did Sven terrorize me into meeting my goal for the week? Well…yes and no. Here’s what I wrote in my check-in last night:

I surpassed my goal of 7k for the week by 565 words, which sounds okay, but really isn’t. One of the things I’m trying to cure myself of is binge writing and I got 5570 of those words today.

Word count=good. Binge writing=not so good.

In other news, despite some of the most biased refs I’ve seen … Read More »

Oh my achin' DVR

American League Champions! Wicked pissah, of course. And we really have to win the World Series now because Beckett told Papelbon he’d River Dance with him if they win it all. Now that that’s on the table, my life will be incomplete if I don’t get to see it.

I’m ready. Even got my Tessie ringtone. You know, Americans have complained about having a national anthem that’s so hard to sing, but really, y’all should try being a Red Sox … Read More »

Last of the Season Premiere Week posts

Well, until I watch all the stuff I have DVR’d.

On a side note, I just unearthed a nifty little tidbit. The person who just requested a full from me shares my passion for Imperial Russia. Not that the manuscript has anything to do with Imperial Russia, but I’m taking it as a sign, dammit. :lol:


Ghost Whisperer: Not sure why my husband put this on. We skipped last season. I really liked it at first, but her overwhelming chipperness … Read More »

Season Premiere Week: Thursday

I don’t think we really have any Friday shows, so this might be it.

On a side note, the new Rascal Flatts CD is…less than great. I’m not loving it at all. After several listenings, there are only two songs I care for at all—one has creepy, stalkerish notes and the other’s about dead children. Sad, no? I got the CD Tuesday and by yesterday morning was back to rotating between “Feels Like Today” and “Me and My Gang”.

Survivor:Read More »

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