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Letters to Idols

Dear Luke Menard: (“Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” – Wham!) Dude, don’t sing Wham! ever again. Seriously. I think you’re going to be voted off the island.

Dear David Archuleta: (“Another Day In Paradise” – Phil Collins) I think you’re wicked amazing, but at some point you’re going to have to pick something up-tempo. (Ooh, Simon agreed with me! The boy needs a caffeine buzz.)

Dear Danny Noriega: (“Tainted Love” – Soft Cell) I thought that was pretty damn … Read More »

Peeking out of my cave

I’ve been walking around like some kind of Cro-Magnon woman this week—hunched over, knuckles dragging, hair that can only be described as holy crap, wtf happened to you?, although I’m not sure if our prehistoric ancestors had this much flannel.

Maybe, because the previews for 10,000 B.C. or whatever that’s called, seem to show some nice architecture for the time. And it looks like they stole the Great Wall of China prop from the set of King Arthur.… Read More »

Lost and the 3:10 to Yuma


***I MEAN IT***


I went into the season premiere of Lost feeling less than optimistic. I’ve felt for a while the show jumped the shark when they blew the hatch and watching two hours of recap followed by an hour of recap squelched my enthusiasm before it really bloomed.

Boy, am I glad I watched it. I guess they realized they’d killed the flashbacks, so now they’re doing flash-fowards and I’m 100% … Read More »

All Indy, all the time

I don’t know how familiar y’all are with Lego Star Wars, the video game, but…well, basically it’s a Star Wars video game in a Lego world. And it’s hilarious.Anyway, the complete saga promos the next Lego movie adventure game: Indiana Jones. You can even play as his character in the Star Wars world, and Indiana Jones whappin’ Darth Vader upside the helmet with his bullwhip is some wicked funny stuff.That’s when we realized the boys had never seen Indiana
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Flipping through the DVDs again

In the comments of my last post about my DVD collection, Patti asked:

OK, Shannon we both have Armageddon but what about chic flicks Bridget Jones (both) and the Wedding Singer, though that one could be a generational thing. As far as man movies I love Braveheart, Signs and any Leathel Weapon, note the Mel connection. We do have the Sopranos box set (this Christmas so as yet unwatched) but though I loved Deadwood (Jane was the BEST) I was

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