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Letters to the Idols: Andrew Lloyd Webber week

First, back in my March 19th Letters to the Idols, I said:

Dear David Archuleta: (”The Long and Winding Road”) My sister will call me later and give me a telephonic bitchslap for saying this, but: I think you are a fabulous Broadway-ish singer, but not a “pop” singer. If they have Andrew Lloyd Webber week, you are SO in, dude.

Preshow predictions: (Okay, technically paused show predictions) Brooke is seriously in trouble—she has no range. Carly—eh. Archuleta … Read More »

Evil conglomerates, overdue kisses and red herrings

Did I mention my kids are on spring break? :bang:

Quite a while ago, an Evil Video Rental Conglomerate moved into town and put our nice, comfy little-town video rental place out of business. Not willing to provide ten major credit cards and a DNA sample to the EVRC, we went without. This led to an increase in purchases—some good (Alvin & the Chipmunks) and some really, really bad (Justice League: The New Frontier). So the … Read More »

Letters to the Idols: Inspirational Songs Week

Dear Michael Johns: (“Dream On” by Aerosmith”) Dude, you totally had me drooling with adoration for you, until you tried to reach for it. Only Steven Tyler can do that without making me cringe. Bonus points for choosing a tough song that spoke to you. If I had a chihuahua, it would have liked you.

Dear Syesha Mercado: (“I Believe” by Fantasia) Let’s be honest. I fast-fowarded through you and I’m not sorry.

Dear Jason Castro: (“Somewhere Over the Rainbow” Read More »

Letters to the Idols: Dude, it's Dolly Week!

NOTE: I am a huge Dolly Parton fangirl. Just putting that out there right up front because I’m going in assuming they’ll all suck ’cause they ain’t her.

Dear Brooke White: (“Jolene”) You should have put your own spin on it because you came off as a pale karaoke version. I have to admit, though, that’s a deceptively difficult song to sing.

(NOTE to David Cook: I’d like to hear you sing “He’s Alive” but I know you won’t.)

Dear Read More »

The conversational bouncing ball

Yesterday I received a mysterious email, the contents of which read: “Check out June”. Yes, that’s all it said. (It wasn’t all that mysterious, of course, because I knew who it was from.) Oooh, a scavenger hunt! The game was short lived, however, because I saw them immediately.

Tony and Charlotte are cheating on me. They’re on the cover of two of Samhain’s June releases. *does Scarlett O’Hara swoon*

I’ll admit I had a moment of possessive indignation. But…But…that’s

Read More »
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