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The Wounded Warrior Project

The Wounded Warrior Project

You’ve probably seen that logo before on posters or donation jars. I was lucky enough to be introduced to the organization this fall when the campground where we have our camper and ATV from hosted a benefit. Labor Day weekend’s always a party, but the campground owner made arrangements for the pig roast to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.

We had the honor of meeting a family and both the husband and wife were Wounded Warriors

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Bullet points

* I’m still getting back on my feet from being sick.

* The Short Kid’s home sick.

* eHarlequin was having an editor pitch contest and mine was one of the five synopses chosen, so on the 18th, I’ll be pitching my Harlequin Intrigue to the Senior Editor, one on one, in a chat room.

* Thinking about that makes me feel very queasy.

* I still haven’t fixed all the wacky symbols that showed up on the blog after … Read More »

A basement bunker doesn't look so crazy now

I would like to seal my children in a bubble and then lock them in a bunker in the basement until flu season is over.

We’re kinda/sorta carpooling this year. My neighbors have 2 kids—a 1st grade girl and a 3rd grade boy who’s buddies and classmates with SK. Well, the boy stayed home sick today—fever and all that good stuff—but the girl was sent across the street to fill my house and my car with her brother’s germs. The … Read More »

Writing & upside-down holidays

I’m busy writing. So far this is the first book ever to come to me scene after scene, with no jumping around and writing out of order. Discovering the story this way is a little different and energizing. (Of course, it’s probably because I have no clue about the murderer’s identity or motive, so that would make it hard to skip ahead.)

I started my Christmas shopping this morning by buying the Wii console. Was pretty proud of myself as … Read More »

A wii little question

(I’m counting on my younger sisters, especially the youngest (and you know who you are), to be able to keep a secret. Keep in mind the bag of horrible tricks a girl can play on her younger siblings is never empty and has no age limit.)

So we’re getting a Wii for Christmas. :boogie:

It perplexes me, so I throw myself on the mercy of Wii owners…

We’re getting the console with Wii Sports and Mario Kart. What peripheral crap … Read More »

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