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Clear to unwrap on runway 2

I’m think I’m going to need NASA flight control skills to control Christmas morning this year. And while the kids usually open their stocking stuffers while we have at least a few sips of coffee, I might have to hold them off until I’ve had the entire pot.

Usually they’re free to open the gifts in any order they want, except for the “big” gift, which is usually toward the back. But this year…

They can’t open any of the … Read More »

Book recs needed

If you follow me on Twitter, this will be redundant, but…

HELP: Sis & her friends just glommed Outlander series & need recs for similar. I’m stumped. All I had was John Jakes. Help plz?

One for them, for whatever reason already nixed Sara Donati’s Into the Wilderness series.

Any ideas?… Read More »


Tis the season for Christmas stories! I’m a total holiday romance junkie, but I’ve only written one: a 2006 Christmas short story published by Samhain. If you like light and fluffy—and maybe just a little bit silly—holiday stories, this might help you get In the Spirit.

When a holiday-loving ghost tries to rock around the Christmas tree with a Grinchy guest, will they both wind up on the “naughty” list?

Even though Zach Roberts died in an incident involving

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Bring on the Christmas movies!

December! I love it! (Well, except for that little voice saying taxes taxes taxes taxes in the back of my mind.)

I love cheesy Christmas stuff—songs, movies, books. All those mushy Christmas category romances. Christmas tunes on the radio.

And Christmas movies!

So far, on TV, we’ve seen The Santa Clause, Jingle All the Way, and Surviving Christmas. I really want to see Four Christmases (I think that’s the title, but I’m too lazy to look it … Read More »

Buying books as gifts…or not

It’s the time of year when people starting talking about books as Christmas gifts, such as this post on RTB. And I remember last year there was a big movement urging people to help save the book industry by buying books as holiday presents.

I don’t really get it. How do you buy people books for Christmas?

(I know at least one of you just thought you go to the bookstore and give them money and they give you a Read More »

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