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A parenting milestone

The Tall Kid is, right this very moment, at the theater seeing Sherlock Holmes. With a friend of his. And no parent. No adult at all.

He’s in the wild.

I dropped them off and he’ll text me when it’s over so I can pick them up. (Okay, I’ll be honest. I walked them inside but only because at fourteen, I wasn’t sure if they’d get hassled about their ages with regard to the PG-13 rating.) And of all … Read More »

Mother Nature's just messin' with me now

If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. It’ll change.

Planning any kind of a winter roadtrip in New England is ridiculous. Take this coming weekend, when we’ll be heading north for the campground holiday party.

Ideal plan: We head up Thursday night, giving Mr S a headstart on sledding, the guys all plenty of ATVing time, me time to work on my book and the holiday party Saturday afternoon.

Forecast: Extreme cold

Okay, so Mr S will head … Read More »

Happy Holidays!

Whatever holiday you celebrate, I hope it’s wicked awesome!

Things will be hectic this morning and then, this afternoon, we’re off to Christmas Eve with the family.

I still have some wrapping to do and cracker candy to make, and I have to find all my stuff. I’m a total sucker for cheap, cheesy Christmas glitz—a christmas bulb necklace, bell earrings, holiday tiara…you name it. If there was a Christmas equivalent of a cheap hooker, I’d be it. Or … Read More »

Random pre-Christmas observations

My presents are still unwrapped in the train room. I still haven’t peeked. I’m twitching now, but I haven’t looked.

I think the dog has more to unwrap than my husband.

My husband added an electric razor to the Tall Kid’s gift haul and now I have a tic in my left eye.

I need to remember to charge & sync SK’s gift tonight after he goes to bed so it’ll be unwrap-and-go on Christmas morning.

I miss my Dad … Read More »

My husband is torturing me

Growing up, I always peeked at my Christmas presents. There was no place my mother could hide them I couldn’t find them. Yes, I even had a kit for dealing with already wrapped gifts that included a purloined razor blade and invisible tape.

I outgrew that, but I still get very antsy about wanting to know what’s going under the tree for me. Nobody knows this more than my husband, who has witnessed seventeen years of holiday anticipation on my … Read More »

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