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Reading in 2010

One of the things I’m going to do in 2010 is keep track of all the books I read, using my Goodreads profile. I joined in April of 2009, was a little overwhelmed by it and never went back. But I think it’ll be a great way to track my reading this year.

(I also discovered today I have an empty author page there, so hopefully they’ll approve me soon and I can get it all fixed up.)

Looking … Read More »

It's been five years

Not quite eight hours into the new year, and I just realized today’s my blog’s fifth birthday. On New Year’s Eve of 2004, my husband had an emergency call at a Chinese restaurant and I was left to my own devices. I read a few of the blogs I enjoyed, Alison Kent’s in particular, and decided to give that blogging thing a try. I spent the time until my husband got home setting up a blogspot blog and on New … Read More »

Happy 2010!

From Yahoo/, my career horoscope heading into a shiny new decade:

Year 2010 Career

The big news for Virgo this year for work and money is not so much an onslaught of good news as it is the release of tremendous pressure. Neither Saturn nor Pluto have done you any favors in the last two years. Fortunately for you, they’ve both moved on to make economic trouble for someone else. The next year of your financial life should run … Read More »

My kitchen essentials

Over on the Whipped Out blog, Angie just posted a new entry highlighting her favorite kitchen essentials. I wouldn’t even know what to do with that Kitchen-Aid thing. And did you know they make liners for crockpots? I didn’t.

So much kitcheny goodness, so why not share MY favorite kitchen essentials?

My saucepan:

My frying pan:

Those are my favorite pans. Those are pretty much my only pans, though I do have a smaller version of the saucepan.

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Halfway through Christmas break week

This is pretty much all we’ve done this week:

Today the boys and I will be heading over to what we’ve for years called The Far-Away Burger King. It’s the midpoint between our home here in New Hampshire and my sister’s home over toward the coast of Maine, so both of us make a two-hour round trip rather than one of us making a four-hour round trip. SK and his four cousins romp in the play area while us … Read More »

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