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Clean Up in Aisle 5…

I think I’ve done (most) of the Shannon Can Yous for the day, so it’s time to work.

In reading over the scene I worked on yesterday, I’m getting the impression that, instead of an orgasm, my poor hero is having a seizure. Maybe the C word I was going for wasn’t convulsing.

So first stop–the thesaurus. SPASM! SPASM! (I am NOT going to the library to check out French Kiss for the 683rd time. I’m not, I’m not, I’m … Read More »

Write what you know? Sure…

Yeah, I spent most of the day fiddling with a male masturbation scene. In his POV. *groan*

Like I have ANY idea. It seems like most scenes of that nature I see are in the heroine’s POV. You get the visual without having to delve too deep into the pre-orgasm male psyche. But that won’t work because she’s in the next room. *sigh*

The bare bones scene was done a long time ago, but I need to make it more … Read More »

Adventures in romantica buying…

We took the boys to Toys-R-Us to spend their Christmas money/gift cards today. There is nothing like wandering a toy store with two kids with $50 each in their pockets. To help in my recovery, I left the husband in the truck to undo the 496 grey-wire twist ties holding 4 toys in their packaging while I dashed into Borders.

Now, I love romantica. If you’re going to write sex, write sex–hot, steamy, and nary a love-lance or heaving pearly … Read More »

And so it begins…

My plan for the new year: get up at a reasonably early time, write for several hours, build a couple of discussion threads for the “day job”, then take a weedwhacker to my Yahoogroups. Seriously, most of the “industry” loops I subscribe to have become nothing more than commercials for one on-line class or contest after another. I swear I get more spam from my fellow writers than I do from the guy who wants to enlarge my penis. (sure, … Read More »

Just practicing

I’m taking up blogging for New Year’s, so I don’t have to actually SAY anything til tomorrow. :)Read More »

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