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Leaving a man behind

I’m having a little…postpartum depression, maybe you could call it, now that No Surrender is behind me. I miss Gallagher already. I love all my heroes, but he’s a little extra special to me and now, after three books, he has to take a step back. DG4 is Jack’s story, and he’ll have Connor O’Brien and the new guy around to help. I don’t know if there will be a role for Gallagher or not but, if there is, it’ll … Read More »

A rushed redirect

I’m on the run, but I want to share this link to a fun interview with Nora Roberts.


(Oooh, popcorn! Now I need an excuse to go to the bank because they give away that yummy, buttery popcorn-machine popcorn. Even at 9:30 in the morning.)… Read More »

Turkey time?

This Saturday—yes, October 17th—my family will be celebrating Thanksgiving.


My grandparents are snowbirds and they’ll be heading to Florida later this month. Last year they missed Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, so this year we’ve rescheduled Thanksgiving to suit our needs.

Sadly, Macy’s was totally not on board with this plan.

I’m dreading what this will do to my internal clock. Thanksgiving’s the first day of Christmas! While the family’s digesting their turkey, I’m breaking out the nutcrackers and switching … Read More »

The next to last trip

I’ll be offline until late Monday. It’s that horrible weekend—the weekend we have to winterize our camper. No more toilet and running water. Sad. And it’s a four-day weekend for us, because our school system always schedules a teacher’s workshop day on Friday and Monday is, of course, Columbus Day (also known, in our house, as the holiday it makes no sense to celebrate).

Traditionally we make one last trip up in November—often the weekend before Thanksgiving. We’ll have to … Read More »

An Echo in the Bone: spoilers in comments

I finished reading Gabaldon’s An Echo in the Bone over the weekend. Because so many people read blogs through readers now, and they don’t always recognize the “more” function, I’m not going to put spoilers below the fold. I’m going to post a few thoughts in the comments instead, because you have to deliberately read those.

If you’ve read it and been stifled by cries of No spoilers, feel free to spoil away!


There are SPOILERS for EchoRead More »

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