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Dear Fellow Walmart Shoppers: A Rant

Let’s talk about Walmart greeters for a minute. The employees who welcome you to Walmart cover all demographic groups, shapes, ages, sizes and genders, but for the sake of simplicity, I’m going to pretend our Walmart greeter is a man.

When you walk into the store and he says, “Welcome to Walmart”, you should make eye contact, smile and say thank you.

It’s not that freakin’ hard, people.

At least say thank you. If you can’t bring yourself to even … Read More »

Very random thoughts on Apple & misc

* There’s been some talk on different tech blogs about the possibility, with the release of the Apple tablet, that Apple’s rumored negotiations with various publishers will lead to third party book-related apps being yanked from the app store (and devices), such as Stanza and the Kindle app, so iTunes can handle selling books as they do songs.

If that should occur—and what a freakin’ nightmare that would be—I’ll buy a Kindle. I admit, I’m lazy by nature and totally … Read More »

Snowy days

We’ve reached that time of winter when we consistently get just enough snow to keep things pretty…

…and also enough so you need to bring a snow shovel if you want to go shopping.

Read More »

The Plow Laws

(This post brought you by 5-6″ that would have been a snow day if not for the holiday…)

Every New England neighborhood has one—that guy who goes out the second the last snowflake has fallen, even if it’s the buttcrack of dawn, and cleans his driveway. Not just a quick shoveling, mind you, but the meticulous removal of every last snowflake.

Then the plow truck comes through and buries the end of his driveway with a two-foot tall, hard-packed wall … Read More »

The Mac Anxiety Attack

Yesterday I made a decision—on Saturday morning I’m going to trek down to Best Buy and buy a Macbook. Yay! Very exciting and pondering software kept me busy. Do I want to pay for Office for Mac or take a chance on NeoOffice?

But then, when it was dark and I couldn’t sleep, the anxiety came.

What if I hate it? What if I can’t figure out how to use it? Ohmigod, I’ll have to figure out how to move … Read More »

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