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My iPod, AKA reading central

I’ve been asked this question twice in the last week: “Hey, Shan, since you only read digital, when are you going to upgrade to a real ebook reader?” Real, in this context, meaning dedicated, I guess—the Sony Reader, the Nook, the Kindle—instead of my iPod Touch.

First of all, I have a Sony 505. I prefer the iPod. And as for upgrading to a new and improved model? No reason to. I’m pretty happy reading digital books on my iPod … Read More »

Lost in the Digital Conversion?

Yesterday I realized I didn’t have a copy of No Surrender on my iPod Touch. I like to have previous books in a series at my fingertips so I can refer back to descriptions of characters and events while writing the current book. The problem—my author copies weren’t on the Macbook.

How much do I detest having to fire up the old Toshiba laptop? I actually considered buying a Kindle copy of my own book so it would automagically appear … Read More »

A couple of non-techy iPad observations

Unless you live under an internet-free rock, in which case you’re not reading this, you know Apple revealed the iPad yesterday. I’m not going to bother grabbing links and photos of the thing because they’re all over the damn place. But, while listening to live audio in the background while watching pictures being posted from the event, I had several thoughts.

It’s a giant iPod Touch, but with the ability to run big programs (iWork, iPhoto), not just apps. It’s … Read More »

The pain of change

Today I made the jump from PC to Mac—the white Macbook to be more specific. I did make a concession to Microsoft by buying Office for Mac while I was at Best Buy, though, simply because I need the learning curve to be short and painless as possible.

So far?

I love the keyboard. No, not just love. Adore. I was a little worried about it because it looks so different, but it’s truly a beautiful thing. Office for Mac … Read More »

DataViz Documents to Go

One of the most frequently used apps on my iPod Touch is DataViz Documents to Go for iPhone/iPod Touch. Because I occasionally get asked about it on Twitter, where I’m frustrated by the 140 character limit, I thought I’d do a post describing how I use for both writing and editing.

Note: There are two versions of Docs To Go on iTunes. The more expensive one does something called Microsoft Exchange, whatever that is. I have the cheaper of … Read More »

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