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Dear Barnes & Noble

I gave you a lot of money in exchange for a nook. I chose the nook over the Kindle even though Amazon often beats you on book prices. Even though the nook has some known glitches. Even though it doesn’t do everything you advertised it could do. Even though you, for some inexplicable and stupid-as-crap reason, decided not to capitalize the name of your device.

In exchange, do you think you could let me read some mother:censor:ing books?

Today is … Read More »

The nook: Using it

First off, I’m not a very tech-savvy person. You’re not going to find an in-depth look at specs and functions here. I might even use the word thingy. This is a collection of random thoughts, k?

The nook froze up on me four times in the first three hours I used it. This is a known issue that I intend to contact Barnes & Noble about. There’s been speculation the battery’s a hair small and it’s actually losing contact … Read More »

The nook: shallow first impressions

Her name is Ethel. Not sure I would have named it, but the nook has a place to enter one, so Ethel it is. Why? Well, the new Macbook’s name is Lucy. So even though Lucy isn’t named after Lucille Ball, Ethel amused me.

What didn’t amuse me?

Trying to get the nook out of its packaging. (Random note: the dumb lowercase “n” is them, not me.) There’s an entire instructional pamphlet devoted to unpacking the nook, with a note … Read More »

Stalking the UPS tracking app

My nook is in town. Or so the UPS app tells me. And it’s scheduled for delivery today. But we’ve got 10-18″ of snow forecast to fall and the first flakes are already flying. Since the truck doesn’t get to this area until mid- to late afternoon, I’m dreading the “exception” status due to weather.

I want my new toy!… Read More »

Ironic timing

Yesterday I blogged about my mad love for my iPod Touch as a digital reader and the reasons why I wouldn’t buy a dedicated e-book reader.

Today I ordered a Nook.

Yeah, I know. But apparently one of my personalities let one of my other personalities touch the debit card.

The good news: as soon as it gets here you can get a review of the Nook from the point of view of a totally technically-inept reader.

Why the Nook … Read More »

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