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The dastardly downside to digital

I might have mentioned I managed to pawn my nook off on my husband. Since I thought he would be the last person on earth to embrace digital reading, this was quite an achievement.

Earlier this evening, he finished reading No Mercy by John Gilstrap. I’d loaded it onto the nook because Barnes & Noble had it for $3.99 last Friday (it still is, actually), I assume to promote the newly released second book, and I thought he might like … Read More »

eReader blitz in the wild

Yesterday was a hot and sticky day, so we decided a road trip in the air-conditioned car to air-conditioned stores was in order. We started at Borders. Not only were there signs and posters everywhere pushing the new Borders eBookstore, but there was a Kobo eReader display, with a couple of employees showing it off—one of whom was pleasant and knowledgeable, the other of whom was a slug. Unfortunately, while I chatted with the pleasant one for a few … Read More »

My guy’s hooked on the nook

I’ve finally turned my husband into a digital reader. If you know my husband, you’d know this is a feat worthy of a ceremony with a shiny gold medal and the national anthem playing in the background. Or, at the very least, a cookie.

My husband is a little technology-challenged. He has master electrical, universal HVAC and gasfitter licenses, so he’s no dummy, but email? Forget it. To put it into perspective, there has been a Windows PC in our … Read More »

iPod Touch capacity

One question I see a lot from people considering buying an iPod Touch is “Is the 32GB big enough or should I get the 64GB?”. As of right this minute, the choices from are:

8GB = $168.54
32GB = $255.54
64GB = $341.54

That’s an $87.00 difference between the 8GB and the 32 GB. $173 between the 8GB and the 64 GB.

I received my iPod Touch for Christmas ’08, so I’ve had it a year and a half. … Read More »

Reading Under Pressure

Recently, my library began offering digital library books through Overdrive. Because I have the nook and had already found success in using the dastardly Adobe Digital Editions to buy Harlequin’s ePub format directly from their ebookstore and move the books to my nook, I rejoiced.

They don’t have a huge selection, but I’m sure they’ll add the hot new books as they’re available. The true test for me will come when there’s a waiting list for those hot new … Read More »

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