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The current playlist

One of the new features of the iOS4 upgrade on the iPod Touch was the ability to edit a playlist on the device itself. I love it! So easy, in the morning, to pick and choose the songs I’m in the mood for while cleaning household debris.

(That said, I don’t recommend upgrading to iOS4 if, like me, you have a 2nd gen Touch. Goodbye, battery life! While I like folders and switching up my playlist on the fly, it … Read More »


I’m writing this on my new Blackberry Curve 8350. I got tired of chasing Verizon iPhone rumors and made the leap.

This is my first experience with a Blackberry and it’s a little challenging. Definitely not as idiot-friendly or intuitive as an Apple product. And gmail’s giving me a headache. Even with some enhanced plug-in thing, the sync’s 1-way. If I delete an email on the BB, it deletes it totally. But if I delete it an email on my … Read More »

A new digital frustration

So I got my husband hooked on the nook and blah blah blah. You all know that. I set him up with books to read and the M-Edge Executive jacket and e-Luminator2 booklight.

And every few days I want to take that pricey little package and beat him over the head with it.

I only buy books for me that I want to read. Therefore I can open Stanza or the Kindle app and touch on any cover, title … Read More »

Technical difficulties

I would like to blog this morning, but I’m so frustrated with the nook right now, all I have in my head is really bad words.

It decided to display the My Documents library as empty, even though Calibre and the Finder folder say the books are there. And this morning, just to add to the fun, it’s decided to stop ejecting properly. I’ve rebooted. I’ve hard reset. I’ve taken the battery out. I’ve done everything short of a reset … Read More »

Friday miscellaneous

Most of my life now is devoted to resisting the urge to reserve a black Kindle 3. I don’t need one and yet… Not a day goes by my cursor doesn’t hover over that diabolical preorder button for at least a few seconds.

We finally joined the rest of the world and signed up for Netflix. We’d been using Gamefly for video games since I got tired of being screwed by our brick & mortar video store (which … Read More »

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