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Luddite offspring

My sons have proven to be quite resistant to digital reading. During the school year, I don’t give it a lot of thought. The Tall Kid, especially, needs to be able to transport the book he’s reading back and forth to school in his backpack. Since his backpack weighs about thirty pounds and strains at the seams, I don’t want my Kindle in there.

But I thought maybe I’d hooked the Short Kid. He’s been devouring the Artemis Fowl series … Read More »

Extending battery life at conferences?

When it comes time for RWA Nationals this summer, I don’t see myself coughing up exorbitant internet fees on top of everything else, so I plan to make do with my Droid X. I can tweet pictures and blog and manage my Facebook page and everything else from it. (No, I won’t be activating tethering. It’s only $20 for the month, but it’s capped at 2GB and I don’t know how much that is. Going over can cost so very … Read More »

Snow, toys and an intoxicated kitty

So they’re calling it the Blizzard of 2010. While I’m sure that’s true for the places that don’t have fleets of DOT trucks just waiting for the first snowflake to fall, here in central NH we’ve only got 7-8 inches, which is a fairly decent amount and would have merited a snow day were we not on vacation, but nothing to make a news graphic for. It’s still falling, though, which makes the snowmobiler in the house a very … Read More »

Sneak attacks camera style

I’ve been playing with the camera on the Droid X a little. Okay, a lot. One thing I hated right off the bat was the very loud tone it sounded when you focused and then the also very loud shutter sound.

So off I went to the Android communities to search for a way to disable those sounds. What did I learn during my reading of old postings?

Don’t ever go to an online community and ask for help in … Read More »

New gadgetitis

So yesterday I picked up my new Droid X. I don’t think it was a secret I hated the BlackBerry Curve 8530 with the blazing passion of a thousand vengeful Greek billionaires. (In defense of BlackBerry, it might have been me, not them. It was just bad chemistry between the OS and I, in no small part due to the fact Google owns my life.)

Of course, after 2 years with iPod Touches and 3 or so months with a … Read More »

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