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Yesterday I caved and ordered an iPhone. I need all my work gadgets to speak the same language and having my phone speaking Android while everything else spoke iOS wasn’t working for me. I was also tired of wrestling with the Android platform and, I’m sorry, but when you go surfing support forums and the constant chorus is “root it and flash it and rom it” or whatever, that doesn’t work for me. I want it to work the way … Read More »

My thoughts on the Kindle with Special Offers

I know some people are hesitant to buy a digital reading device that comes with “commercials”, like the Kindle with Special Offers, even though it’s only $114. So here’s what the addition of Special Offers means to the Kindle 3.

The regular K3 has an author on the screensaver. The KSO has an ad:

The home screen of the K3 lists the books. The home screen of the KSO lists the books and has a small banner ad across … Read More »

My thoughts on the Rocketfish iPad Keyboard Capsule

On Sunday, the husband and I went down to Best Buy and I bought this Rocketfish Advanced Series iPad Keyboard Capsule ($59.99). I’d been looking at bluetooth keyboards for the iPad, but the small, folding kind tend to sacrifice key size or, in at least one case, the right shift key.

Now that I’ve been using it a couple of days, my thoughts… (I’ll put them after the jump in case you’re not interested.) (Unless you’re reading this in your … Read More »

Technologically nostalgic

The other night I had one of those moments when I stop and think, “Holy crap, technology is freakin’ amazing!”.

I’d been curled up on the couch waiting an episode of Grey’s Anatomy on my iPad because SK was watching something on the TV. Then it was time to take the dog out so she could spend a half-hour sniffing every single square centimeter of mushy, freshly snow-free yard before doing her business, so I pulled up the Netflix app … Read More »

Gadgets for kids: iPod Touch vs Nintendo DS

Leading up to Christmas of 2009, when the Short Kid was nine, he started begging for an iPod Touch. I had one and his big brother had one, and he wanted one too. His dad said no. SK made all kinds of arguments has to why he should have one. Dad said no.

When I pointed out how much SK used mine, how adept he was with it, and how careful he was with it, Dad started wavering. Then I … Read More »

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