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iPod Down

The Short Kid thought having a passcode requirement for his iPod Touch was cool. Then he decided changing it all the time would be even more cool. Until he forgot the passcode and locked himself out of his iPod.

Restoring it’s been a nightmare. It put iOS6 on it, which I hadn’t intended to do. And every time I try to sync it, it insists on putting every app and song we own on the damn thing and it … Read More »

Need to muck out the iPad closet

Apparently I’m an iPad video hoarder. Going through and deleting stuff was grueling. But I need to have Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog at my fingertips. And I need to carry Mamma Mia around with me.

Sadly, they had to go to make room for season three of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. (Do they not sell ATV helmets in New Jersey?)

Every once in a while, I pause and wonder at technology. I remember the first show we watched … Read More »

Fire envy

Today I’m just hanging around, being jealous of everybody who’s playing with a Kindle Fire. Sadly, while I want one, I don’t need one. Or, more correctly, I can’t justify buying one when I have an iPad.

If you got one, do you love it?

I bought my mom the Kindle Touch 3G and it was delivered yesterday. It’s pretty awesome! (Of course I had to play with it. I can’t show Mom how to use it if I … Read More »

Reading Carina Press titles on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (the easy way)

One of the great things about Carina Press titles is that they’re DMR-free, which means you can read them on the device of your choice. And maybe you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and want to buy directly from the site because they have great prices and often super-great coupon codes, but you’re not sure how to get them onto the iThing you read on.

Calibre is one of the best things to ever happen to digital reading. … Read More »


I’m pretty blown away by the low prices on the new Kindle line-up. I’m debating on buying the wi-fi Touch model for my husband for Christmas and I’d like to buy my mom the 3G Touch model, but I have to make sure she’d use it first. A base model for $79 is a brilliant move on Amazon’s part and, if I didn’t have an iPad, I’d be all over that Kindle Fire tablet.

How about you guys? Anybody … Read More »

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