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Funding the enemy…I does it

Note to self: Google before you leap.

A while back, y’all remember when we donated to the ferrets? Well, really we donated to the Defenders of Wildlife, but y’all know what I mean. (There’s a reason I’m not linking to it.) Yes, I donated, too.

, of course, I find out they’re one of the top seven anti-ATV-access groups in the country. Dammit. I can not believe I did that.

The irony is, my kids have a strong bond … Read More »

Riding, Chapping and School Vacations

My beloved children are now officially on winter break. It’s only been two hours since the tall one should have been dropped off and one hour for the short one, and I’m already thinking this vacation will have a high attrition rate.

The husband did manage to get me one free day, though. There’s a bike path that winds through beautiful Franconia Notch, and in the winter the snowmobiles use it. ATVs are never allowed except for one day … Read More »

Ever so slightly hungover

I spent the weekend pretty much higher than a kite on OTC cold med cocktails. Blech. Today, since I have to actually function—kids to school, tax-related math, driving a vehicle—I’m just taking the Sudafed without washing it down with the Nyquil. I’d wash the Sudafed down with Dayquil, but I’ve found that—when combined with high doses of caffeine—makes me twitch too much to get anything done. :crazy:

Since coherency might still be an issue, I’m just going to post a … Read More »

Returned from the frozen tundra

Things I figured out this weekend:

1. The frigid, butt-crack-of-dawn walk from the heated camper to the heated bathroom because the short kid has to pee sucks.

2. Having the husband after the fact say “He’s a boy, why didn’t you tell him to piss off the deck?” sucks more.

3. My boots are no longer water-proof. Wet socks + cold = sucks.

4. First snow is fun.

Pics after the jump!

(Oh, and the orange vests—it’s hunting season. Though … Read More »

How many degrees did that say?

The last riding weekend of the season (for the kids and I) is imminent. It’s also time to bring the four-wheelers home, since the husband plows with mine.

Now down here in the central part of the state, it’s starting to get a little chilly in the mornings. (Translation for non-New Englanders: seeing your breath, scraping frost off the windshields, frozen puddles, time to turn the furnace on.) It’s almost time to switch from hoodies to real coats, and finding … Read More »

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