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Weekend pics

There are five, so I put them after the jump. Before you click on it, however, I’d like to explain that our campground has a theme this summer—pirates. And this weekend was Round 1 of the treasure hunt. My kids can be weird, but they’re not usually this weird on a daily basis.… Read More »

Home again

A blast was had by all. It’s been dry so there was a lot more dust than mud, but it was nice to get out on the trail. Now, of course, I have to catch up at home, but here’s my favorite picture from the weekend. Our fellow campers were having trouble with their cable connection and went hunting for a working signal.

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Kinda Retro Shan: May 10, 2007

We’re heading out. Today’s the last day of mud season, so tomorrow we get to ride! :boogie:

Because I always forget how to pack over the course of the winter, I’m currently running around like a starving racoon chasing a hot dog on a string, so I’m reposting a list I did from last summer.

A few things women need to know about four-wheeling:

* Make sure your personal grooming has been meticulously attended to before hitting the trails. Tick … Read More »

A decade and a half

Today’s my fifteenth wedding anniversary.

 Fif. Teen. Years.

 Dayum. And in two years, there will be undeniable evidence that I’ll be old enough to be the mother of a high schooler.  In four years I’ll be sharing my car.


 Enough of that.

 So yesterday the husband had one mission: take the tall kid to the powersports shop and buy him a helmet. That’s it.  But of course the short kid wanted to go … Read More »

The Holy Grail Hoodie

How hard can it be to find a black, zip-up hooded sweatshirt? I think I have a better chance of a hoarde of agents and editors descending upon my home, clamoring for my grocery list, than I do of finding a black hoodie.

Having exhausted my usual retail haunts (yeah, that would be Wal-Mart), I ventured reluctantly to one of my personal levels of hell—a hoity-toity women’s clothing store at the outlet mall.

Me:  Do you have any black, zip-up … Read More »

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