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Happy long weekend!

After 36 years on the planet, I’m still not sure why we celebrate Columbus Day, but have a happy one, anyway. We score a four day weekend here, so the computers are going off.

Have a good weekend and I’ll talk to y’all Monday pm or Tuesday! :cowboy:… Read More »

The next-to-last big weekend of the summer

The dusty hoarde arrives at the restaurant to fuel up with some breakfast. (That’s about 3/4 of our group—the others were parked out of the shot.)

The short kid during a short rest.

The husband and the tall kid check out the view.

Is it Columbus Day weekend yet? :groucho:… Read More »

What I did this weekend

I :heart: mud runs!

Not exactly a black-tie affair.

The husband making laundry.

One of the favorite photos I took—a red RZR launching into the pit.

(14 more mud run photos here, including the one of the guy who rode his through sitting backward on his wheeler.)… Read More »

Gone to play

Have a good weekend, y’all, and see ya Monday!

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If you thought I was kidding about playing in the mud

My Rincon…

…and my dog.

(Note: Mini doesn’t ride with us…yet. She’s muddy because her four-legged family camps next to us and her big sister rolls her in the wet grass, then rolls her in the dirt road—like breading fried chicken.)… Read More »

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