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Typo Virus and mud

The dreaded Typo Virus.

What is it with those suckers? I can honestly say I’ve never worked as hard on a book as I did No Surrender. I wrote, rewrote, scrapped, reinvented, revised, started all over again, worked and reworked on that book. I honestly don’t think I could tell you how many times I’ve read it, and I thought it was pretty clean.

There was an element to the storyline that didn’t work for my editor and rather … Read More »

Mud season blues & a new toy

So it’s mud season here in New Hampshire, which means we’re between toys. The snow is gone, so sledding’s over, but the ground is too soft for ATVing. The majority of our trails are on private property and we don’t want to repay the landowners’ generosity by tearing stuff up.

But I am SO ready. The husband’s King Quad has been in the shop all winter, and it’s almost done. He took my Rincon out today to have it serviced. … Read More »

Home is a warm toilet seat

How do you spell cold? Spending the weekend at a campground with windchills dipping to an estimated thirty degrees below zero. Yeah, that’s cold. Fortunately the husband had gone up in advance to get some sledding in and, due to his weather-savvy Spidey-sense, nabbed the cabin before any of the other families arrived. While our campers are all heated, they’re still campers. (The walk to the bathroom? OMG. When you’ve gotta pee and you’re getting slapped in the face by … Read More »

Weekend pics

Mini hit the snow running:

Which was very conducive to naptime and the commandeering of overstuffed throw pillow and fleece blanket that used to belong to her humans:

I had one rule—it’s too cold to be wet, so no sitting or horseplaying in the snow. Cleary I should have specified faceplanting:

And we even got a little riding in (if you happen to notice the husband and Short Kid’s machine seems to have turned yellow, it was a borrowed Can-Am. … Read More »

What a weekend

The weather was gorgeous—warm enough for a light sweatshirt during the day and cold enough for a roaring campfire at night. While the foliage was past peak, the views were still amazing, and I went on my first night ride because our neighbor generously offered to watch my kids. (The night ride is becoming a campground tradition because only at the end of the season does it get dark enough to do while still getting off the trails early enough … Read More »

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