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Don’t try this at home

A ton of family stuff going, so I’ll be offline this weekend. But before I go, let me share this awesome photo with you.

(This isn’t our four-wheeler or our child.)

(But only because we didn’t think of it.)

(Just kidding. Honest.)

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Eating dust.

I updated the family ATV blog, with some pictures from yesterday’s ride.… Read More »

My rain dance failed

Ate a lot of dust this weekend, which is the downside of beautiful weather. Rain may suck, but it brings puddles and keeps the dust down.

I have a couple of blog posts planned about our Labor Day weekend, but you know how the first day back is—laundry with a side of catch-up.… Read More »

Is it June 18th yet?

I love vacations and long weekends, and I’m dying for the end of school. That probably sounds weird, but I’m actually more productive when my kids are home.

For anybody interested, pictures of the Short Kid’s first solo ATV ride are up on the family blog. (I mean solo as in driving his own machine, not out alone in the woods.) I love the one of him alone on the rock.

Sadly (or not), I only wrote about 1000 … Read More »

RTB, ATVs and wildlife

First, I’m at Romancing the Blog today, talking about the pitfalls of considering digital publishing a stepping stone to NY. Stop by!

I also updated the family’s ATV blog with some opening weekend pictures.

And finally, I DID IT! I’ve posted pictures of moose, both real and fake, a fox, and even a skunk named Barney, but I FINALLY captured a bear!

(We were in the truck, not on the four-wheelers, in case you were wondering.)… Read More »

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