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Off into the shaky sunset

When we bought SK a new ATV, one of the more important features on our checklist was headlights. (Well, technically they’re called daytime running lights so as not to encourage the little ones to run amok in the dark.) Now that he has the lights, we were able to trek into town for supper, knowing that toward the end of the ride it wouldn’t be full dark, but getting dark enough to be a little exciting if you’re nine.

As … Read More »

Another hot, lazy weekend

Still a little on the warm side up there in No Air Conditioning Land, but we had a nice weekend of camping, nevertheless.

This summer, the owner of the campground is hiding things around the (100+ mile) trail system and we have to find them. We get a picture of the surrounding scenery and a more close-up shot of where the can’s hidden. That’s it. The Short Kid, upon receiving his photo clues, immediately went into full obsession mode. Mini … Read More »

SK’s got a new toy

On Saturday we took the big leap (okay, mediumish leap) and bought SK a new ATV. His had been giving us mechanical issues (including sporadic and frequent loss of brakes) for a while and when we head out to do 30-40 miles in the woods, we want to know we won’t be leaving the little one for dead. (Just kidding. We always tow him out.)

He’d been riding a 2005 Polaris Sportsman 90. Here’s what it looked like new:

And … Read More »

A sneak peek (illustrated?)

There’s a scene in Exclusively Yours (which releases Monday!) in which Joe is helping Keri put on her gear for her first ATV ride and I thought it might be kind of fun to show you what that looks like.

This is me, last weekend. It was ZOMG dusty, though, so unlike Keri, I’m wearing a train-robber bandana under my helmet in a futile effort to keep my sinuses grit-free. Of course it rained just before I took the picture. … Read More »

Seventeen years, beer cans and a 12-gauge

Saturday was our 17th wedding anniversary. I am not an easy person to live with, so my husband should probably have been treated to a nice dinner in a fancy restaurant with a few drinks, followed by a little “special occassion” attention. But here at Casa Stacey, we don’t really do the norm. We celebrated our anniversary by going out on a chilly, drizzly day and picking up other people’s nasty wet garbage.


This year our anniversary happened … Read More »

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