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Gearin’ up

Right now my husband’s outside, firing up the four-wheelers and checking batteries and tire pressure. Mud season doesn’t end until May 14th, but we’re getting ready. And we think it’s safe to take the plow off my Rincon now.

Yeah, if you here about some freak blizzard dumping a foot of snow on New England in the next couple of days? Totally our fault.

This also means it’s time for me to drag out the gear and see if my … Read More »

Guess who saw Santa today?

A local ATV club hosted a Toys 4 Tots ride today, so we loaded up and off we went. A little chilly today, but it’s a great cause and a good ride for the Short Kid.

SK had his picture taken with Santa in a Honda-powered sleigh!

Isn’t Santa’s sleigh awesome?

You can’t really see the great pile of toys for the toys behind the sleigh, but they had a good turnout. The need is great this year and donations … Read More »

Feet up

My husband and some of the guys went four-wheeling in Maine today. Guess they’ve had a little rain!

Read More »

The Last Hurrah

Columbus Day is a little bittersweet for us. It’s a four day weekend and the heat of summer’s behind us, so the riding’s great. (Although the heat of summer was a little too far behind us this year. Brrrrr.) Sadly, it’s also the weekend we have to winterize the camper which means the switch from family ATV fun to Dad’s snowmobiling fun is almost upon us.

The Short Kid made a friend. Our poor dragonfly’s rear wings were pretty beat … Read More »

A rocky Sunday

Yesterday, the husband and I (without kids…w00t!) joined one of the ATV clubs we belong to for a charity ride—collecting cans of food and raising money for local food pantries. Because my Rincon lives at camp until we close it up next month, we had to ride double on his King Quad. That totally sucks. But, not only was it a good cause, but they’re great people and we don’t get to see them often enough (because three of our … Read More »

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