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Autumn’s here!

Put a few miles on the four-wheelers this weekend. It was a drizzly weekend, so there was no dust. Yay! And there were lots and lots of puddles. I love puddles.

We rode out to one of our favorite spots, which seemed like a good change to check out the new panorama function of the iPhone 5’s camera. I overdid it a bit, I think, because it bowed a little too much.

I really pushed it with this one. I … Read More »

Not quite the Kowalskis, but fun nonetheless

We had family visiting camp this weekend and a very good time was had by all. (That’s what they tell me, anyway. They could be lying.) (But I don’t think they are.) We’re not as numerous or rowdy as the Kowalski family, but there was ATVing, mud, flaming marshmallows and pool time.

The Short Kid needs to learn to wait until the adults have it together before getting ready to go. Sitting on your ATV in the sun, in full … Read More »

Chilly, rainy days

Not the best weekend at camp. Cold, rain and wind. Each of which is a nuisance on its own but, together, not fun. My husband rode anyway, but the rest of us opted out.

On the way, Taz saw his first moose:

A LOT of this was done:

And when your parents are lingering at the restaurant, talking with friends, find a quiet place to read:

Other than some writing and a few matches of iPad Yahtzee, that pretty much … Read More »

What do you mean the weekend’s over?

I can’t believe the long holiday weekend’s over and it’s time to get back to work. I also can’t believe it’s July already.

I put about 120 miles on my ATV, some with kids and some without. I’m feeling every one of the “without” miles, I must admit. The Short Kid and my sister rocked the mud and mosquitoes with us while the Tall Kid went to his first French & Indian War reenactment event with my mom. He had … Read More »

Taking off

This weekend we’ll be celebrating the American way of life with friends, barbeques, four-wheeling and campfires, while reminding our children (and ourselves) to remember the men and women who and served and sacrificed their lives to preserve that way of life.

I’ll also be disconnecting. While I might sneak peeks at my email and Twitter while nobody’s looking, my family has requested a few days with the wife and mom, minus the author. It can be very hard to separate … Read More »

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