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Ezmerelda's Week in Review 5.11

It’s Friday again already? I know the Earth is getting warmer, but is it spinning faster, too?

I don’t have much time. I was delayed in getting here by thunderstorms, and I must hide from Shannon. She’s been making very pointed threats involving me, duct tape, the front rack of her Rubicon and mud puddles.

So what has Shannon been up to? Mostly she and her children have been using the house phone to repeatedly call her cell phone. She

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Ezmerelda's Week in Review 5.4

Buenos Friday again! Is that not a lovely picture? Some of you may remember Shannon has been infatuated with Rob Morrow for many years due to a show called Northern Exposure. I have decided to taunt her this week with a photo her friend Mel took of him getting frisky with me. Shannon has worked me very hard lately, so now she must suffer.

So to recap the week…Wow, you romance people are muy loco no? After spending the

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If you're looking for Ezmerelda…

…she is running amok on Sybil’s blog!

And by running amok, I mean giving away my books!


So go see what happens when a sulky muse doesn’t get to go to RT.… Read More »

Ezmerelda's Week in Review 4.20

Buenos Friday, people! It’s me, Ezmerelda, here once again to tell you about the horror of being Shannon’s muse week after week…after week.

But first…Karen Templeton has mentioned me on her blog!

I don’t hate it, exactly, as much as I wish it would either go away or that Shan’s muse Esmerelda would come finish it for me.

You may notice immediately that Miss Templeton spelled my name correctly, unlike Shannon. I take this as further evidence … Read More »

Ezmerelda's Week in Review 4.13

Happy Friday the 13th from me, Ezmerelda! Here is a postcard for you all made from a classified photo Mel took with her top-secret super-spy camera while I was in Zimbabwe at Disney!

This week Shannon was very busy, but not doing anything interesting enough for me to review. She’s almost as boring as she is lazy. So in order to ensure your visit here was not a total waste of your time, I will give you my own

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