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Part 3 of Hearts A'Giddy-Uppin' by Ezmerelda

Okay, where were we? Oh yeah, sore throat cures and decomposition. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about or you missed something, here are the links for Ezmerelda’s “story”:

Cover and back copy
Part One
Part Two

I’ll reiterate my warning: It is recommended that a mild state of intoxication be achieved before commencement of reading.… Read More »

Part 2 of Hearts A'Giddy-Uppin' by Ezmerelda

If you haven’t read Part 1 of Ezmerelda’s story, you should consider yourself lucky you can find it here. While I did manage to re-hide “The Romance Writers’ Phrase Book” on her, it wouldn’t hurt to knock back something preventatively medicinal before continuing on…Read More »

Part 1 of Hearts A'Giddy-Uppin' by Ezmerelda

(Note from Shannon: You might want to consume a large alcohol before reading this post. Really.)

Copyright 2007 by Shannon Stacey’s Guatemalan worry doll? :lmao:

(Shan: I’m not kidding about the alcohol. At least have a dose of Nyquil before clicking that “more” link.)Read More »

Ezmerelda's Week in Review 6.8

Buenos Friday, again! As you can see, I have been very busy this week! And—

Shan: Wait a minute. Ezmerelda, what the hell are you doing?

Ez: I’m making the announcement about my book.

Shan: You’re supposed to recap my week and announce my books.

Ez: I’m tired of it always being about you.

Shan: And, by the way, that is the worst cover I’ve ever seen.

Ez: Your graphics program is called Microsoft Paint, chica. I can only do

Read More »
Ezmerelda's Week in Review 6.1

Buenos Friday! Did you miss me last week? I was working ever so hard, as you can see from the photo.

Shannon worked very hard last night. (If my eyes were not embroidered, I would be rolling them.) So did Mel and Emma, and you can see the fruits of their labor (no spewable liquids, please) over at Shades of Suspense today. With her original topic tragically lost to Emma, it was decided a list was in order: The

Read More »
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