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Conversation with a heroine

Chatting with Jill, from Twice Upon A Roadtrip

Jill: You need to strengthen my character so people will root for me? What the hell does that mean?

Shan: You’re unsympathetic.

Jill: *narrows eyes* You’re forever getting dinged for unsympathetic heroines. What’s the deal with that?

Shan: Obviously a bunch of whiny, obnoxious women live in my head.

Jill: :censor: Maybe you should try writing gay romance, hmmmm?

Shan: So I should slap a penis on you and call you … Read More »

Confusing the Muse

The post-sale process teaches (or attempts to teach) all kinds of new skills, and with the fabulous freedom Ellora’s Cave gives its authors as far as exploring different subgenres, the ‘writing one book while editing a previous one’ is a skill I’d better pick up pretty quickly. (As is not writing ginormous run-on sentences, too, I’m sure.)

My muse likes to jump around. She’s schitzo, and that’s okay. Especially with the publisher I’m lucky to have. But she’s confused as … Read More »

Conversation with hero…again

From Twice Upon A Roadtrip

Ethan: You again?

Shan: It’s editing time.

Ethan: You had your turn. I’m supposed to be getting honeymoon sex right now.

Shan: Trust me, it’s overrated. By the time Jill goes through all those nerves, and fasts to fit into her dress after stress-eating for two weeks, and then all that dancing, and…forget it. Anyway, you need some work.

Ethan: So what is this? Did you send me out half-dressed or what?

Shan: … Read More »

Conversing with my heroine

Shannon: Why are you being such a :censor:?

Olivia: You didn’t tell me before I had sex with the guy that he was dead!

Shannon: I didn’t know he was dead then. And he’s not really dead now. Just undead.

Olivia: I liked it better when he was un-undead.

Shannon: Whatever. But I can’t let you go back to Boston. You’re going to :censor: live Happily Ever After even if I have to staple your ass to the page.

Olivia: … Read More »

Alpha, Beta…PITA!

(Ethan is my PITA hero from Roadtrip)

Shan: Why can’t you just cooperate? You have to talk to your mom before you go running off at the end.

Ethan: I don’t want to talk. I want to get to that elevator scene again. You know, the one where I—

Shan: *cough* I know. But we forgot to wrap up that secondary arc.

Ethan: What do you care? You’ve been hanging out with that other guy, anyway. He can’t be better … Read More »

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