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Conversation with a heroine

(Grace Nolan is the heroine of 72 Hours. The following takes places between 12 and 1 am.)

Shan: You were a little more assertive during that love scene than I wanted.

Grace: I’m on an adrenaline rush from the gunfight. You expect me to close my eyes and think of England?

Shan: Why would you think of England? You’re from…where are you from?

Grace: Hellifino. New Jersey?

Shan: Jets fan?

Grace: Sure.

Shan: Then no. You’re from Kansas. And … Read More »

Conversation with the heroine…

of The Widowmaker

Lydia: He can’t talk to me like that.

Me: Oh, don’t go trying that maidenly miss thing with me. I know your deep, dark secret, remember? So don’t expect me to believe that you’d be all up on your high horse because he said :censor:.

Lydia: No, he can’t talk to me like that because they don’t use that word here in 1879.

Jack: So what am I supposed to say? Come and touch the proof … Read More »

Conversation with…myself

Hm. I automatically classified it under the category “Conversations with characters”. Not sure how I feel about that. Anyway.

Me: What the hell were you thinking, visiting a knitting blog?

Me: I like to knit. I need to start my Christmas knitting. And maybe finish the mittens I promised Mikey like…3 Christmases ago. And that 2T sweater I started for the short kid a long time ago…I wonder how radically I’d have to block that to make it a 6?… Read More »

Conversation with CK's hero

CK: Hey! You with the bad hair day — I’ve been trying to talk to you!

Me: Been busy.

CK: Too busy to give me a name? What the hell is this CK you insist on calling me? Do I look like I make purses?

Me: It’s short for Cursed Knight.

CK: I’m not a knight, woman. I’m a warrior.

Me: *shrug* You’ve evolved since I slapped a working title up there.

CK: So when you might be free … Read More »

Conversation with hero

Jack: Stop! Stop typing, dammit.

Me: What’s the matter now?

Jack: I am not Anakin Skywalker. I don’t look like him, I don’t sound like him, and I’ve certainly never been called Anni. You need to get over this teenage fan-girl obsession you have for him.

Me: But those petulant, smoldering looks…why can’t you do that?

Jack: Lady, I’ve given Beth so many smoldering looks her hair’s on fire. You just haven’t noticed.

Me: Could you maybe channel a little … Read More »

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