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A short time later…

(If you just got here, today’s posts start a couple back. The revision draft is in its death throes and it makes me procrastination-happy.)

Shan: I don’t know about this scene, Tony.

Tony: Leave it alone.

Shan: It’s risky. Readers…well, Suzanne Brockmann took some shit for this in one of her books, and she’s Suzanne Brockmann.

Tony: If you try to change that scene, I’ll shoot you.

Shan: You do realize your gun’s not real, right?

Tony: That scene is … Read More »

A conversation with Charlotte (and Tony)

…from On the Edge

Charlotte: *gives Shan the cold shoulder*

Shan: What is wrong with you today?

Charlotte: Not a damn thing, thank you.

Shan: This scene is flat and you’re supposed to be helping me fix it.

Charlotte: *gives off strong “it sucks to be you” vibe*

Shan: I think you faked this orgasm, Charlotte.

Tony: Bullshit!

Shan: This isn’t about you, Tony.

Tony: Again, bullshit. My women don’t fake orgasms.

Shan: I think if all the men … Read More »

Conversation with Zach…

…the hero (and leading ghost) of In the Spirit:

Zach: The sex scenes are too short.

Shan: I’m not going to give a blow by blow, so to speak, of every grunt and thrust.

Zach: You’re making me look like a two-minute wonder, here.

Shan: You’re a dead guy in love with a not-dead woman, and you’re worried about how your staying power looks?

Zach: Like you said, I’m dead. I’ve gotta have something to offer her.

Shan: It’s … Read More »

Conversation with Grace…

…from 72 Hours:

Grace: Hey! Put that line back. It’s one of my favorites.

Shan: You don’t need lines just to prove how witty you are.

Grace: So I should be unwitty…oh, you read that damn review again, didn’t you?

Shan: *shrugs*

Grace: You know better than that, you dumbass. You read it, take what’s of value from it, then let it go.

Shan: I try. But it’s like if somebody calls your kid ugly. You can say, “Screw … Read More »

Conversation with Grace…

…the heroine of 72 Hours:

Grace: Hey, how come I’m the computer expert, but you’ve got Gallagher running the computers?

Shan: Because I need you to be in the other room, having an emotional blow-out with Alex.

Grace: So is this official “check logic at the door” day?

Shan: Look, Gracie—

*Grace kicks Shan in kneecap*

Shan: Ow!

Grace: It’s Grace. Not Gracie. What am I? 12? And your editor’s going to bust you on that lack of logic.… Read More »

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