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Conversation with Gallagher

(AKA: current Devlin Group pain in the ass)

Gallagher: Miss me, babe?

Me: :roll: Oh yes, ever so desperately.

Gallagher: Even though you’re working on other stuff, you’ve been thinking about me a lot lately. Makes me all hot and bothered.

Me: Back the ego truck up. See, the shipwreck part isn’t enough to carry the whole book. It needs to fall within a bigger plot.

Gallagher: Shipwrecked? I thought the plane crashed.

Me: It does, but jetwrecked doesn’t do it … Read More »

A second conversation

*cellphone rings showing a number I don’t recognize*

Me: Hello?

Strange man’s voice: Hello.

*pause that drags on*

Me: Who is this?

Strange man’s voice: (Tall kid).

*long pause while I, a victim of too much TV and too many thrillers, wonder in a panic why a grown man is pretending to be my little boy*

Strange man purporting to my 11-year-old: You forgot early release. I’m in the office.

He was only there 4 1/2 hours! Surely one can’t … Read More »

Conversation with the kids

I probably shouldn’t use the category tag “conversations with characters” for this entry, but my boys are characters.

We watch Jeopardy every night before the kids go to bed. The tall kid’s starting to hold his own. The short kid just parrots my answers, so when we’re right he gets the glory and when we’re wrong, I get the blame. Tonight there were several questions regarding authors, and the conversation went downhill from there…… Read More »

Conversing with characters – Taming Eliza Jane

Shan: What the hell’s going on here? One minute I’m writing a love scene and in the next we’ve skipped to you holding a shotgun on the sheriff.

Eliza Jane: It seemed like the thing to do at the time.

Shan: But there’s nothing at all in your background to suggest you can wield a shotgun like Annie Freakin’ Oakley. You’d be more apt to throw yourself in front of the man and talk him to death.

Eliza Jane: But … Read More »

Conversation with…the muse

Shan: Thou hast forsaken me.

The Bitch Muse: Shakespeare? Listen, doll—even 1970’s maternity pants weren’t that much of a stretch.

Shan: You’re a cruel and fickle mistress.

The Bitch Muse: What do you expect? After the icky flu stuff and the icky tax staff—math for god’s sake—and your hour-long rant on the evils of the capital “U” yesterday, you expect me to be creative?

Shan: They’re teaching my eldest to type with only the right shift! That’s just wrongRead More »

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