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A conversation with Carmen

If you’ve read 72 Hours or On the Edge, you’ve met Carmen. She’s the heroine of DG3. (Which does have a title I love, but I’m neither saying it out loud nor writing it down, because it never fails—as soon as I acknowledge my love of a title, somebody else uses it. It’s like a really crappy summoning charm or something.)

Shan: Look, I know you want to be a strong heroine, but you can’t do everything. We … Read More »

Conversation with Gallagher

Gallagher: You do realize if you do the helicopter chase scene, you’re going to have to do research. I know what all the switches and buttons do, so you’ll have to know, too.

Shan: Not if I do it in Carmen’s POV. She doesn’t fly a helicopter, so I can say things like “stick thingie” and “a bunch of switches”.

Gallagher: That’s cheating. So…you uncrashed the jet?

Shan: Yup. I highlighted it, cut it, and then copied it into the … Read More »

A conversation with Adam and Miss Becky

Adam: You know, I reckon there are a lot of women out there a sight more agreeable than Rebecca over there.

Becky: It’s Miss Becky, you horse’s ass.

Adam: Like hell it is!

Adam: *dodges shoe*

Shan: Rebecca—*ducks*—Becky, I really need you to confess your undying love for Adam now.

Becky: To quote the eloquent ass in question, like hell I will!

Shan: Look, I know it’s difficult for you two because I write scenes out of order, … Read More »

A conversation with Grace

Shan: What the hell are you doing here? I thought we made it clear after 72 Hours you’d be at home making slice-and-bake cookies.

Grace: Alex does the baking now. And what do you expect? You crashed the plane practically in my back yard.

Shan: And let me guess—Danny’s with your parents?

Grace: They took him to Disney for a week.

Shan: How convenient. It’s bad enough you showed up in On the Edge, but—

Grace: Well, there was … Read More »

Ezmerelda's Week in Review 7.6

Buenos Friday! Did you miss me? Shannon has been keeping me very busy working on our secret project and Becoming Miss Becky and the third Devlin Group book. But as you can see, there is always time for frolicking at sunset with a cowboy.

Wait. Do you hear that? How am I supposed to think with all that racket?

Shan: That’s Gallagher shouting again. He’s still stuck down in that plot hole.

Adam: I could shoot him.

Ez: That would

Read More »
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