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At too-early o’clock this morning, my husband and I were sitting out on the porch, waking up. (We don’t smoke in the house, even in February when it’s ohmigod a wee bit chilly.) We were talking about the new puppy and how the poor thing hopefully won’t understand English pronouns because every pet I’ve ever had has been female. Animals are “she” and “her”. Which led to…

(Oh wait. Infodump! My husband fell in love with the Bolo-Noodle breed after … Read More »

Two boys, one weekend

We did a ton of driving this weekend. The Tall Kid had one of his events at the base of Mt. Washington, but not the side of the mountain we pass on our way to camp. Of course not. He had to be on the other side of the mountain. Since TK’s got a hefty class schedule this year (and wouldn’t play hooky if we paid him) (which we know because we’ve tried) we couldn’t head out until after school … Read More »

Feline subtlety

If the dog wants my attention, whether she needs to go out or she’s lonely or she needs to tell me Timmy’s stuck in a well, she stares at me from a small distance, heaving dramatic sighs.

If the cats want my attention, they’re not quite so subtle about it.

I know Jinx wants my attention…… Read More »

Time-travel laundry tip

If you should write a time-travel and your hero is, hypothetically, a young man belonging to the French militia during the French & Indian War, he’ll probably be wearing a funny hat. A funny linen hat that may have been lovingly and painstakingly hand-stitched by his grandmother. It might look like this:

Then, let’s say your hero time-travels (with his funny linen hat) into the future. Let’s say to 2011. If your hero’s funny, lovingly-and-painstakingly-hand-stitched linen hat gets thrown into … Read More »

Mini versus Irene

Mini won’t go out in the rain. Before making her decision to go outside, she looks out the living room window and sniffs at the bottom of the back door. If the weather doesn’t meet her approval, back to the couch she goes. And there’s no nudging her.

So Irene’s here and it’s raining like hell. She went out last night about nine o-clock (her last trip out is always right after the Short Kid goes to bed) and now…let’s … Read More »

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