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The Dread Pirate Fabio

You might recall that I was trying to coerce my son into going as Tom Brady for Halloween again this year, which consists of him wearing a jersey he already owns and smearing a little black make-up under his eyes. When he was reluctant, I tried to talk him into going as a Bruin. He wanted to go as a Canuck. It went downhill from there.

Then the little guy said, “I’ll be Tom Brady again. It’s okay, Mom, I … Read More »

Puppy Naming of Doom

In six days, we’ll be driving to the airport to pick up Baby Boy Stacey! And, while we’ve all agreed it’s best to meet the little guy before we name him so he’s not stuck with a name that doesn’t suit him, it hasn’t stopped us from talking about it practically non-stop.

The teen still likes Nano. It not only fits well with Mini, but appeals to our Apple-loving selves.

I’ve been lobbying hard for d’Artagnan. He’ll be … Read More »

Fruity Friday

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw this, but for those who aren’t on Twitter and for my family, here’s further evidence of my Mom of the Year candidacy:

SK’s school theme today is Fruity Friday. Taped a fruit cocktail label to his shirt. Yes, I really did.

Evidence, for those who doubt I’d stoop so low. :p

Fruity Friday

It was either tape the fruit cocktail label to his shirt or wear his Fruit of the Looms over … Read More »

The Short Kid (kind of) rocks the ‘eighties

The Short Kid’s school does this fun thing toward the end of the Friday school day. Different activities and whatnot that enable the kids to mingle with kids in other classes. And, this year, they have themes. Last Friday’s was “Show Your Sports Spirit”. No problem. All I had to do was make sure his Patriots jersey was in the clean laundry basket, not the dirty laundry basket.

Today? The 1980s. WHAT?

I don’t happen to have any boys-size-12 acid-washed … Read More »

The Tall Kid’s future

Now that he’s a junior in high school, the talk about what the Tall Kid’s going to be when he grows up has intensified. While I know the freshman year of college is fairly generic and kids change majors all the time, some schools are stronger in certain programs than others and where he goes to college is in some way dictated by what he wants to be.

He finally figured out he’d be a crappy lawyer, but he’s not … Read More »

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