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Oh, Taz, you’re killing us

He’s cute, isn’t he? He’ll be six months old on the 29th, which means he’ll only have his half-birthdays every four years (as the Short Kid pointed out). And, as we were told while pondering which gender puppy to get, he loves all of us with equal joy and slobbery kisses. (As opposed to Mini who likes a little cuddle time with Daddy in the evening, but is essentially Mommy’s pretty princess.)

He’s playful and loves to bomb around with … Read More »

My girl

Mini and Taz get a lot of time in the spotlight because they’re cute and never more than six inches from me. And Gizmo, who I’ve always sworn is more puppy than kitty, gets her share, too.

Today was Jinx’s turn. She wanted something from me and was determined to stare at me until I figured it out. (If you guessed litterbox, you guessed right.)

20120209-160834.jpgRead More »

Birthday girl photo shoot fail

In February, Mini turns four and I’ve been trying to capture a nice photo of her to commemorate the occasion. It’s not going so well.

Thanks to snow and ice falling off the roof, which she sees as a sign the sky is falling (it is pretty loud), she spends a lot of time under the coffee table.

If I do convince her to ignore the impending Armageddon and sit with me, she refuses to look at the camera.

And … Read More »

Dissing Washington (George, not DC)

Recently the Short Kid’s class was studying George Washington—you know, the first great American hero and one of the most universally adored figures in our history?—and they had to write a paper explaining how he was a great leader, using the story they’d read to prove it.

I do not think that George Washington was a good leader for a few different reasons. On page 216 his soldiers were dying, and he sat there on his horse, watching, while

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Tongue twisters at the crack of dawn

First, despite the magnificent salad/freaking ravenous incident, I weigh three pounds less today than I did on Monday. Woohoo! If I can do that again, my weight next Friday might start with a 21-something rather than the 22-something it’s been since I had the Short Kid. (Actually, looking at some pictures, I suspect around the time he was three I was hitting 23-something or more.) And, no, it’s not comfortable discussing my weight, but I’m not alone and maybe somebody … Read More »

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