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Halloween is OVER!

I’m not a big fan of Halloween but, of course, even I can’t deprive kids of a good time. To celebrate freedom from the trick-or-treat season, here are pics of the costumes:

The Short Kid as Anakin Skywalker…

And who is this, hovering outside my door?

It’s the Dork Knight!

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Look guilty much?

(I’m slammed today, so please forgive another Mini pic. At least she’s cute, right?)

We have this little game we play every school morning. SK, being a typical kid, leaves his toast crusts on the coffee table. Mini goes in her crate while I run him to school (she cries if we don’t put her in her crate, so that “training” habit has stuck), and when I get home I let her out and start on the morning stuff I’ve … Read More »

Halloween Mini

Mini’s back from visiting her groomer, who decked her out in a festive Halloween scarf, and has claimed her spot on the back of the couch, ready for her nap.

Or maybe to look over my shoulder while I write, snickering silently in her little doggy way.… Read More »

Dear human people

The lady who feeds me will not be blogging today because I’ve absconded with her computer in order to work on my current manuscript: DG K-9: Biting Ankles and Taking Names.

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A spelling quandry

After all my obsessing about the Tall Kid starting high school, it’s the Short Kid hitting third grade that’s caused the most upheaval. He moved into a new school (we have a preschool-2nd building and a 3rd-5th building), but that wasn’t a big deal. Actually, since the first school was an ancient three-story job and the oldest kids were on the top floor and the new building has NO stairs, it’s a nice move.)

But, for our kids, third grade … Read More »

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