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Through a child's eyes

This is what snow looks like when it doesn’t mean shoveling it and driving in it and paying higher heating bills and worrying about the weight of it on the roof.… Read More »

Jinx hunting snowflakes

I’ve been working on a post about the women of Criminal Minds, but I didn’t get it done in time to post today. Tomorrow. (Hopefully.)

Which leaves me nothing for today. So here’s a picture I posted yesterday on Twitter of Jinx, hanging out in the window and watching for snowflakes.

Read More »

Finally, some white stuff

Snow finally fell on Saturday evening. It wasn’t much—just a dusting—but it was enough to get my family excited. (Well, not TK. He couldn’t care less.)

For a little frou-frou diva doggy, Mini sure does love the snow. There wasn’t enough for her to dive into yet, but she had a blast running around in it.

My husband’s thumb is starting to twitch, warming up for his snowmobile throttle. The gates “officially” open on the 15th, but if there isn’t … Read More »

Cat envy

I’m so jealous of my cat today. It’s cold and raining and I’ve had kids to drop at school and errands to run and what’s Jinx doing?

That’s MY fleece blanket. And on the surface she looks like a happy cat, but if you look close, there’s smugness.

See how smug she is? Practically taunting me.

We’ll see how smug she is when I tie one of Mini’s bacon-flavored Beggin’ Strips around her neck.… Read More »

Happy Thanksgiving

The Short Kid and Gobbles the turkey Webkinz join me in wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving! As you can see, we’re watching the Macy’s Parade and in about 2 1/2 hours Santa will appear, officially launching Christmastime!
I’ve got the Christmas tunes on the iPod, ready to keep my company while I toil in the kitchen.

Since I’m not braving the Black Friday crowds tomorrow, once dinner’s over and the dishes are washed, I’m officially on vacation for the … Read More »

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