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So…dogs, anybody?

I’m in the deadline cave and I spent most of the weekend with a zombie headache. Every time I thought it was dead, it roared back to life. So here’s a picture of my dogs. :lol: They were tussling and I snapped my fingers. Mini’s on alert and Taz is pretending he’s going to be quiet, but he’s watching for an opening.

Dogs pretending to rest

As soon as I turned my attention back to the computer, they were at it again.… Read More »

Mini says hi

Mini also says she’d like a boa. Romance writer sidekicks should have boas.

Mini loungingRead More »

All about the undead over here

After seeing the ravings on Twitter for so long, I finally succumbed and decided to check out the first episode of The Walking Dead. That became an epic glom that didn’t end until I ran out of episodes. My talking about it led to the Teen wanting to watch it, and then our discussions led to the husband wanting to check it out. Much to the Short Kid’s dismay, I had to tell him no. (Not so much because … Read More »

I might have laughed

Mini snuggled in bed covers

Mini finally decided to get out of bed because she had to pee, so I put her on her leash and out we went. She stepped off into that -14 degree windchill and did an immediate u-turn to book it back into the house.

I’d already closed the door.


Okay, fine. I did laugh. (She was born in Arizona. She can’t help it.)… Read More »

Cheese Balls! (And an All He Ever Dreamed giveaway!)

Cover of All He Ever DreamedFirst up, you should head on over to to read a bit about my inspiration for Josh Kowalski’s book, All He Ever Dreamed (which releases in less than a week!). There’s also a giveaway! Besides two $10 gift certificates, there’s a copy of All He Ever Dreamed up for grabs! Plus you should read all the other posts, like I do, and go broke buying up all the books Sara talks about because I do and that way I … Read More »

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