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A cover, an audiobook and a birthday

So much to talk about! My mom came over from Maine yesterday for a nice visit. We spent most of it working on genealogy and we finally found the relatives who made the trip from France to Quebec, so she was pretty excited about that. Ireland’s a bitch, though. Both her maternal line and my husband’s paternal line dead-end at Ireland.

Exclusively Yours is now available as an audiobook through! If you’re an audiobook fan, you can find it … Read More »

Another hot, lazy weekend

Still a little on the warm side up there in No Air Conditioning Land, but we had a nice weekend of camping, nevertheless.

This summer, the owner of the campground is hiding things around the (100+ mile) trail system and we have to find them. We get a picture of the surrounding scenery and a more close-up shot of where the can’s hidden. That’s it. The Short Kid, upon receiving his photo clues, immediately went into full obsession mode. Mini … Read More »

Convo with the Short Kid

Between the fashion sense and the attitude, there’s no doubt this child is mine.

Me: You’re wearing a Patriots jersey, bright grass-green shorts and orange flip-flops? Really?

SK: Yup.

Me: You know those don’t match, right?

SK: If you don’t like it, don’t look at me.

Okay, then.… Read More »

Crash, bang…she’s okay!

Cute, isn’t she? And tiny. Tiny enough to be stepped on, if not for the fact her human will flail and hop around like a Cirque du Soleil act gone horribly, horribly wrong to avoid crushing her.

Okay, so SK’s a kinda-short 9.5 year old. My husband’s truck has a switch so you can turn off the passenger-side airbag. My car does not. Today was SK’s last day of school and he got out at 12:45. Because I had to … Read More »

Wordless Wednesday

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