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Every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man

For some reason possibly including alcohol, the school decided to have Spirit Week in the four days leading up to Christmas break. Today’s theme? Dress Like Your Teacher Day.

My family being the crazy way we are, pointed out to the Short Kid that it doesn’t say dress like “a” teacher, it says dress like “your” teacher. SK’s teacher is a Missus, which led the Tall Kid to embark upon a diabolical campaign to convince his younger brother he’d … Read More »

SK’s head…squared

We decorated the tree last night, which meant looking through the little pictures of the boys we hang with the ornaments. There’s one in particular that we always linger over and everybody laughs (though I still wince a little bit on the inside in memory, to be honest).

I’m not sure if I’ve done it here on the blog, but occasionally the Short Kid is subject to jokes about the size and shape of his head when he was a … Read More »

Why Gizmo wins the Nerf wars by default

Gizmo’s always been the silent type. Except for a little squirrel-esque chatter with her sister, she doesn’t say much. The only exception is when she’s carrying around one of her “babies”.

She’s never actually had kittens. The very first day the vet tells me a pet is old enough to be fixed, I’m there at 8am with pet and checkbook in hand. But we had a soft, smushy ball of some sort and a long time ago she started carrying … Read More »

The life of a teenage diva

I’m not very good at math, but I think Mini’s a teenager at the moment. She’s two years and nine months old, so she’s maybe slightly older than a teen in dog years, but she’s a teenager at heart.

I can’t her lazy butt out of bed in the morning.

When she first started sleeping with us, she would jump out of bed as soon as my alarm went off. (Now she only does that on weekends.) After … Read More »

Happy birthday, SK

My short kid is 10 today. Double digits! November 22, 2000 (Y2K bug!) fell on the day before Thanksgiving, so I watched the parade that year in my hospital room with a mediocre turkey dinner and a squalling, big-headed bundle of…joy.

I’m so very thankful he’s mine. He’s such a ham and into our quiet, orderly lives he brought the messy and the loud and the silly and the rowdy and so much drama. He’s wicked awesome and I’m so … Read More »

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