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Beta reader kitty is skeptical

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Tell her you want fries with that

So I have some mild control freak tendencies. (And those of you who know me well, I know you just rolled your eyes. Don’t even think you got away with it.) Apparently, out of all the things my mother said to me while I was growing up, the old if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself chestnut is the only thing I actually listened to.

When does this become glaringly obvious?

When you’re sending your … Read More »

The Thinker

In lieu of actual content, which I’m unable to conjure today, I give you this picture of SK having a quiet, contemplative moment before the NH Geographic Bee last Friday.

(I’ve had some trouble with pictures taken with the Droid X’s stock camera appearing sideways and, once I rotate them, then appearing sideways the other way. When this happened before, it posted in the correct orientation on the site, but sideways in the feed. If you’re reading via the feed…sorry … Read More »

Breaking SK’s little heart

Not looking good for my little guy and the New Hampshire Geographic Bee. Because Mother Nature does love her April Fools jokes, we’re getting a nor’easter tomorrow. Six to twelve inches of heavy, wet snow.

The drive to the college where they’re holding the event is long even when the weather’s fair, and only about half of it’s highway miles. And we got an email from the coordinator letting us know the show will go on, with as many kids … Read More »

Big eyes and model trains

So, you know how I didn’t get my Christmas tree taken down until February 13th? Well, this morning I realized I haven’t charged the battery in my camera for a while (because I haven’t been using it) and I should check on that. Guess what I found… Christmas pictures! I’m right on top of things, huh?

This one cracked me up:

It’s some kind of model Amtrak diesel engine…thing.

My husband’s always been a model railroader, and it’s been fun … Read More »

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