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Rocking 1759

While his parents and little brother battled mosquitoes and mud puddles at camp, the Tall Kid had the most amazing long weekend of his life. I’ve mentioned that he would be doing French & Indian War reenacting with my mom this year and last Wednesday they set off on a road trip to his first event — Old Fort Niagara in Youngstown, NY.

Now, my mother drives a Yaris. It’s such a wee baby car that once, when she was … Read More »

Boy and his dog

Mini gets cuddled a lot. Most people think it’s because she’s so darn adorable, but it’s because she’s a horrible fleece blanket hog and cuddling with her is the only way we can try to sneak a free corner.


As evidence, here’s a shot of SK and Mini taken this past weekend at camp. Makes you want to say awww, doesn’t it?

But he’s actually trying to work a corner of the blanket out from under her and she’s … Read More »

A new bike

Lesson learned this past weekend: Don’t buy a ten-year-old boy a new bike on Friday night if it’s going to rain all day Saturday. Not much sadder than a kid sitting on his bike on the porch with his helmet on, waiting for the skies to clear. Luckily, there were a few breaks and he got to at least coast down the driveway a little bit.

Sunday, his dad took him down to the park and he got to segue … Read More »

It might be spring out there

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My favorite weekend photo

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