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Fast cars and book news

Fast cars…

Saturday made the highlight reel for the Short Kid. A friend gave my husband two tickets for the Indy qualifying at NHMS (Loudon, for you Nascar fans) and he and SK spent the entire day there. Let me tell you the highlight of the little guy’s day in the same excited tone he’s using to tell everybody: HE GOT A HIGH-FIVE FROM MARCO ANDRETTI!!! Because my awesome husband was willing to spend three hours at the end … Read More »

A lurker on the stairs

We have a lurker in the upstairs hallway. Not only are my 16 and 10.5-year old sons not doing well in the same room this summer, but they prefer not to be on the same floor of the house. The Tall Kid, being the quiet, leave-me-alone sort, spends a good part of his day upstairs.

Due to the weird construction of this old house (which started life as a carriage barn), we have central AC downstairs but not upstairs. And … Read More »

Premature Semi-Empty Nest Syndrome

On the surface, I’m counting the days until my boys have gone off to college. (Okay, not literally counting the days because SK’s only going into the fifth grade, so that’s a lot of days.) But once the youngest is packed off to a dorm somewhere, my husband and I are going to buy a small house up in northern New Hampshire somewhere. We’re going to go four-wheeling in Alaska. We’ve got plans.

But I’ve come to the understanding this … Read More »

Mini’s heroine moment

People laugh at me when I tell them I sleep better since we got Mini, especially when my husband’s away overnight. I understand that. She’s not exactly the kind of dog that inspires fear.

But the problem I had was lying awake, listening for odd sounds. I have a pretty wacky imagination and could scare myself into paralysis within minutes. Now I let her listen for sounds while I sleep. All she has to do is let me know somebody’s … Read More »

The mystery dog

When my husband came home the other day and took out his cellphone to show me some pictures, I knew they must be Very Special Pictures. He has no tolerance for cellphones outside of making and receiving calls and, whereas I’ll take 50 pictures a week with mine to get one or two keepers, I can count the number of times he’s used his phone’s camera on one hand.

He’d been out to do an air conditioning job and the … Read More »

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