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Author copies!

To follow is the reaction of a five-year-old book monkey on discovering the big box of books that arrived today contained only his mother’s author copies:

Why are the books always for you? It’s just a whole bunch of Forever Again books! Why did they send them to you? Didn’t you tell them you’re the Arthur? And why do you need so many? You should remember what you wrote in them. And why don’t I ever get mail? I only

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Good news!!!

Twice Upon A Roadtrip is a finalist in the contemporary category of Passionate Ink’s Passionate Plume contest!

What a way to start off a new week!

In other news, spring has now sprung for good, and I’ve been tinkering in the garden. My Mustang’s coming out tomorrow. The tall child got his (used) new ATV fired up and is getting used to it. (Next size up for him.) We’ll be taking the plow off mine this week. And the short … Read More »

A new cover!

The Devlin Group: A privately-owned rogue agency unhindered by red tape and jurisdiction.

Grace Nolan walked away from the Devlin Group carrying Alex Rossi’s child in her womb and his bullet in her shoulder. But a ghost from the past has kidnapped her son, Danny. The ransom—Alex Rossi. To get her son back, Grace will have to step back into the life she’d left behind and reveal her secret to Alex.

With vengeance for his mother’s murder nearly at hand … Read More »

Book pics!

Bianca hit the bookstore with her camera phone! (I had a camera with me the day the books weren’t there, but didn’t when they were, of course.)

Forever Again is the book to the left of that big blob of white books by Danielle Steele. (As Bianca said, nice placement. *g*)

And here it is, faced out:

Thanks, Bianca!… Read More »

Squealing like a girl!

Look what I got!

We just happened to swing into the bookstore—a mere two days after the disappointment there—and it was there! On the shelf! I ran into like 3 people trying to get all the way back to the magazine section with it to show my husband. Even my kids were impressed.

Not so impressed that the short kid was willing to pose with just my book, of course. He had to show off his new Thomas book, too.… Read More »

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