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Putting a muzzle on the muse for a moment…

Taming Eliza Jane is available now!


I’m extra-thrilled about this release because I’ve wanted to write westerns since I was a teenager, but by the time I reached the point I could seriously submit my work, westerns were “dead”. I turned my pen to other things, but the town of Gardiner, Texas has always stayed with me. Thanks to Samhain Publishing, I finally get to share a book I always wanted to write. And I’m very happily at … Read More »

On the Edge is an FAR Recommended Read!

Finally! :boogie:

In book two of the Devlin Group series, Shannon Stacey delivers an in-your-face, action filled romance that made this reader an instant fan.

:clap: But wait, there’s more!

On the Edge surprised me on many levels. The plot has wonderful action and a steady build-up to the end. Ms. Stacey is to be applauded for her ability to inspire emotional responses in the reader with a variety of characters. Her various character portrayals will have readers feeling laughter,

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Mrs. G does 72 HOURS

Mrs. Giggles has put up her her review of 72 Hours, the first book in the Devlin Group series. It received an 88, which is one point higher than the score she gave On the Edge, though I don’t think the review itself is…as positive.

There were a couple of places where I regressed back to a little kid sputtering but…but…but… in response, but my personal philosophy is that the book lives or dies on the page—it either … Read More »

Look what I got!

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Hot dayum

At long last, Mrs. Giggles had reviewed one of my books. (I might have helped it along.)

And…ohmigod! 87!

Here’s that little intro bit she does (because I want to keep it and those intro bits go away with her next update):

Nicely paced with some of the coolest action scenes ever, plus with a rare capable heroine (the hero is… okay, I suppose), On The Edge may be what the doctor ordered to fill the void between Michele

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