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More EOM search phrases

Let’s see how people ended up here in June. (And I’m not listing the considerable mentions of that annoying children’s show.)

morgan hawke blog — Link’s over there –

little house on the prairie fanfiction — OMG. Please no. Please let me go to my grave without being subjected to Albert and Willie in the haystack.

batman wonder woman fanfiction — I see her as a Boy Wonder plunderer, actually.

ellora’s cave rwa discrimination — You won’t have to look … Read More »

I feel pretty…

Oh so pretty…

(Those are the only words to that song I actually know. )

Look what the fabulously talented DreamForge Media team cooked up for me!

What do you think?

And in other news…

News from

Starting this July, we will be introducing a new design for the web site and Community Hub. The discussion boards will be updated with a few new important features to make them easier to use and more fun to visit. During

Read More »
Censoring guests

Wendy asks the question (not of me, but on her blog):

1. Do you, as a blog owner, have the right to tell people they cannot use certain language on your site? If so, do you therefore have the right to tell people they must use other language? Oh, and where the fuck to you get off trying to police the world?

Yes, I do. No, I don’t. Because I :censor: said so.

No, but seriously…I do think the owner … Read More »

Sidebar on steroids

Oh, that endless list of blogs.

I realized yesterday that there are *cough* several *cough* more blogs that I read daily, and they’re not listed over ——

Then I realized how long my list already is. But apparently I’m following links from others’ blogs to those that I also read, instead of linking from here (which would make my life easier :cheesy:)

I also thought I could keep it under control two ways:

1—remove everybody who’s listed on RTB, … Read More »

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