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February search phrases

These are a wee bit late, and as for funny ones it was fairly slim pickins as I’m getting more people stopping by who were actually looking for me or my books. But there were still a few that amused me:

female masturebation message boards — I’m all for women not hiding their sexuality in the closet, but there are message boards?

characterisation of the long and the short and the tall — the short is shorter than the tall, … Read More »

January search phrases

People searching for page count and word count and the differences and news on the rumored H/S switch almost outnumbered the freaks turned on by kids’ shows last month. Almost. But here are a few phrases which, when plugged into a search engine, brought some poor unsuspecting souls to

shannon long toenails — 5 times! You should know that touching my feet will result in a broken…something.

gena taylor — The heroine of Forever Again, and you can … Read More »

Behind the scenes

I fooled around with some behind the scenes stuff for Twice Upon A Roadtrip and Forever Again. Nothing fancy right now, but I’ve got pictures of the heroes and heroines, and the theme songs, and a little random note for each of them. I’d like to expand them at some point, but for now…

Behind the Scenes

My appointment with the tax goddess is tomorrow morning, so my world should stop spinning through space at a gazillion miles per … Read More »

Horoscope 2006 contest!

From the Astrology for Writers, Editors and Filmmakers,2006 Forecast!

Virgo: You’d benefit from a past life regression therapist. No joke, alot of your problems now can be viewed as leftovers from a past life. And there you are, feeling all spiritually attuned and thought you had the Universe figured out already…’06 brings big checks and stomach aches. Try the regression, what can it hurt?


I like the big checks part. And I actually like the taste of Pepto … Read More »

December search phrases

The presence of Swiffers, ass tulips and illiterate seekers of self-luv has become damn near overwhelming, but I managed to find a few others:

johnny damon s soul ebay — While Johnny Damon did sell his soul to those infamous boys of satan summer, the New York Yankees < *rinse & spit*>, I don’t believe it’s available on eBay. Yet. Wait a week or two, cause a scumbag can always be bought.

johnny damon voodoo doll — Out of stock due to a … Read More »

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