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September search phrases

I have no idea what to blog about today, and I’m on the run, so I thought I’d dredge up some of the phrases plugged into the great internet search box during September. I’m really at a loss as to how they ended up here, but they did.

my heart quietly signs — A pretty phrase, even if it makes no sense

count my words — Count your own words. Better yet, let your computer do it.

delicatessen steampunk — … Read More »


From Astrology for Writers, Editors and Filmmakers:

Virgo: Virgo is another of the signs that holds many writers, editors, filmmakers, and actors in its boundaries. The South node transiting Virgo for the next 18 months may feel a bit like you’re on trial for a crime. Oh there will be bright spots however, since Jupiter sextiles your Sun for a few more months. But overall those nerves of steel will get further development.

Transiting nodes? Sextiling Jupiter? Umm…overall I … Read More »

Crossing my fingers

I might update my version of WordPress tonight, since I’m still running 1.5.

I think—and I could be wrong—that the amount of spam correlates to my site outages, and I’m told upgrading will give me better spam options, so…

If you never see me again, you’ll know where I went. :lmao:

Update: You know, I fear WordPress updates more than I feared childbirth. No doubt why I’m still running 1.5. But I can honestly say that giving birth to my … Read More »

May search phrases

guy what slapped other guy yesterday — I’ll take “Stumping Google” for a hundred, Alex.

gelding my first male slave — *hides eyes* You’re scaring me.

blog word count — There’s no limit. Honest. Only your readers’ attention spans.

historical inaccuracies in braveheart — I lied. There’s not enough space on my blog to list them all.

accidental show off pubic hairs — pretty damn hard to accidentally show off, aren’t they?

lying around laying around — Boy, did you … Read More »

Search phrases

I haven’t done this in a while, but I just turned in a book and I’m not exactly sure what I’m working on next, so it’s a good day to screw off. So, ignoring the more sane and normal searches, here are a few of the search phrases that brought visitors to

the city of lost children and cyberpunk — It horrifies me that reading that search phrase triggered a story idea. Hopefully I won’t remember it by the … Read More »

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