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Hey, it's my blog's birthday!

On January 1st, 2005, my first blog post went up, so we’re four years old today!

Dayum, time flies. The Tall Kid was nine, the Short Kid was four, and I was unpublished (for thirty more days). I think it would be kind of cool for me to sit and read the entire four years worth of posts in order, but I suppose that’s time better spend writing.

Like many writers, I suspect, I’m a bit of an introvert in … Read More »

The real Shan

I finally caved and there is an actual photograph of me on my bio page. It’s far from a professional headshot—the Short Kid and I were screwing around with my cellphone camera—but it’s the first picture in probably fifteen years I’ve liked. Maybe it was the photographer.

And, of course, the second picture is actually my very favorite picture of me, but it’s not so great as an author photo. :groucho:… Read More »

Come visit me

I’m at RR@H Novel Thoughts today! Come visit and you might win a download from my backlist! :cowboy:… Read More »

I'm at RTB today

Talking about the state of real estate (book shelves). Come say hi!… Read More »

That Twitter thing

I’m sitting here because I mowed/weedwhacked/hand-weeded/mulched for seven hours today and if I sit on the couch without a screen I’ll be asleep. But I toasted the brain cell so what’s a girl to do?

I signed up for that stupid Twitter thing.

Now I have no idea what to do with it.… Read More »

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