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Technical difficulties

So the blog will temporarily be rather plain and difficult to navigate. My website design is actually a WordPress theme and, after switching hosts, it’s being slightly temperamental. At least with the default theme, the site’s useable.

Hopefully it’ll be pretty again soon!… Read More »

One Lovely Blog (or 10 more things about me)

See the shiny Natalie gave to me? It’s very pretty and I’m very thankful she thought of me and my blog. It also means I have to come up with a list of ten things to tell you guys about myself.

I’ve been blogging for five years now, so coming up with ten things you don’t already know about me? Not easy. Especially as I’ve already done lists like these a few times. I’ll try my best, but I warn … Read More »


Thanks to a most awesome friend who generously did all the work, the blog is finally upgraded. (I’m embarrassed to admit how out of date my wordpress installation was.)

Yes, it did some funky things to some punctuation, including my excerpts. I’m not going to worry about that tonight, but we’ll get it fixed. (ETA: This is apparently effected everything I stupidly c&p’d from Word rather than a plain text editor. I know better, but the older version of wordpress … Read More »

Running amok on the internet today

First, you can find me at Romancing the Blog, where I’m giving my two cents on the new RITA changes. Well, maybe not a whole two cents. A penny’s worth, perhaps. Still mulling them over, seeing how I feel.

Then, I’m giving a glimpse of the view from the other side of the desk in a guest post at Angie’s blog. A peek into my editorial relationship with the fabulous Miss Angela James, if you will.

I didn’t even … Read More »

RTB, ATVs and wildlife

First, I’m at Romancing the Blog today, talking about the pitfalls of considering digital publishing a stepping stone to NY. Stop by!

I also updated the family’s ATV blog with some opening weekend pictures.

And finally, I DID IT! I’ve posted pictures of moose, both real and fake, a fox, and even a skunk named Barney, but I FINALLY captured a bear!

(We were in the truck, not on the four-wheelers, in case you were wondering.)… Read More »

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